About Rainbow Studio

Since 1975, Rainbow Studio has created works of art to inspire reverence, sacredness, and beauty in places of worship. Our stained glass windows silently tell stories that evoke a feeling of place and belonging for your community.

Our work is not exclusive to places of worship, however. In the past, we have worked with clients in the hospitality and restaurant industries. Any Commercial establishments seeking to enhance the aesthetic ambience of their businesses are welcome to contact us.

We are located in the Historic South Main District of Downtown Memphis. Rainbow Studios includes over 14,000 sq ft of space where our designers, artists, and craftsmen produce world class stained glass at an affordable rate. From our humble beginnings as a one-man studio, our space has evolved into a high capacity facility that caters to large-scale stained glass commissions and projects. We have the quality guarantee of being in the industry for nearly 40 years while balancing love of tradition with innovation in design.

Ease of communication between you – the client – and our studio is something we pride ourselves on. We are committed to collaborating with our clients in order to create works of art that best fit the space and community and make people want to return again and again. Browse our portfolio to see pieces that we are truly proud of and contact us today to speak to a member of our team.