Stained Glass

Stained glass is a broad category that includes traditional painted and fired glass, beveled glass, etched glass, Dalle de Verre or faceted glass and now fused glass. Stained glass is by far the most dramatic and visible dollar you can spend in construction either residential or commercial. The stained glass craftsmen employed at Rainbow Studio have enormous skill and experience. The glass painters are some of the best to be found any where. Susan Reuter has absolutely mastered the art of glass painting as evidenced by her work.

Whether we are called on to produce contemporary or traditional designs the results are the same: quality at affordable prices. We have shipped or installed stained glass all over the country. Our work can be seen in casinos, airports, homes and churches. Take some time and look through our online gallery using the link below. This gallery is just a fraction of our work. The thumbnail photographs will load quickly but if you want a good look load the larger images.

World renown artist Jack Robinson (1928-1997) was our lead designer for the last ten years of his life. When Jack died he left the studio his life’s work of design. As a world class designer Rainbow is committed to share Jack’s design with the public. Jack was a master and his legacy is not lost but instead shared with all of our clients. For information on Jack Robinson visit:

Click here to view our stained glass gallery.