Special Fixtures

In the mid-1980s we were asked to develop a line of brand specific merchandise fixtures for Embassy Suites Hotels. The concept was simple. Embassy Suites wanted to provide their hotels with a system of marketing and amenity fixtures that accepted the same size promotional posters but also were design coordinated with the upscale interior motifs of their properties. With these parameters we developed a standard set of designs that were extremely flexible in use of materials. From marble to wood to solid surface material and more these fixtures are custom crafted within a set of guidelines that provide economy and beauty in the same offering.

We have used the construction techniques developed for these products to solve a number of display issues for various branded properties around the country. We encourage you to present your special project to us. We may have solutions that you have not considered. For example, it is less expensive for us to clad genuine marble to a header than to use Corian but the difference in quality is profound. Visit our gallery for more ideas and examples of our work.